Battle Reports

I’d like to suggest for anyone to bring a camera or recording equipment next session so that we can record our battles?

We could write about them here to analyze the game so we can learn from out mistakes or take advantage of opportunities missed.

Suggested format would be:
A photo of the game table at the start of the game highlighting POIs
A photo and description of miniatures that will be used by each player

Initiative and Deployment
A photo of the result of the initiative rolls
A photo of chosen deployment zones
A photo of the game table after first player deploys
A photo of the game table after second player deploys
A photo of the game table after reserves of each player have been deployed

Game Round
A short description of the tactical phase (retreat! check/LoL/order count)
A photo of the game table in the start of the each round/turn
An order to order photo and description of the Impetuous and Order phases including results of all rolls.
A tally of Objective Points accumulated after end of turn

End Game
A photo of the game table after a winner has been decided
Summary of total Objective points of each player

I would really like to look back on our games like replay in a video game!


I think we have a camera and vidcam lying around somewhere, I’ll bring it this Saturday just in case DH is a no go and we just Infinitans.

Might as well ask how our orders are coming along here

Battle Reports

No comments yet. Just sent our orders and takes at least a month to get consolidated. You should expect the earliest April to arrive

Battle Reports
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