Take note I think MOV values are in centimeters


Saw those too

Yes, MOV Values are in Centimetres

In discussion:

Igao is a nice and cheap Camo unit for Tohaa with good ambush stats, but one has to note that due to Frenzy, they will lose Camo (still mimetism though) on their first wound. That will be for Migs to weigh in I suppose

Teucer’s main problem is that Marksman Lv. X cannot be used in ARO, and it requires that the ranged weapon used must have a Burst of 2 or higher (after Mods). Thus, he peaks at BS 17 in ARO and cannot use this skill when shooting though Nimbus zones. Note that Marksman Lv. X does not have any other level of Marksmanship, so cover applies as normal.

On the flip side, with ideal conditions, he does shoot at BS 23 (26 with Forward Observer), making him the Achilles of guns, if at Burst 1.

On loadouts, K1 Sniper Rifle will only be statistically worth it vs ARM 8-10 units, so its a TAG-only option (K1 ammo only ever affects ARM stat, not cover)

He does have NWI unlike Atalanta, however. But also pays a higher SWC to get MSV 2 compared to Atalanta (2 vs 1.5)

In the main, he’s a shorter ranged Atalanta who can take an extra hit, though has less power in ARO

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