Infinity Orders Arrival

not complete

So far not all the orders arrived yet.

Here’s what has arrived so far:

Quapu Khalki Starter P2900
Sekban Box P2000

Thamyris P650
Machaon P650
Penthisilea P1000

Tunguska Interventors P2000

Wulver Box P2000
Caledonian Volunteer P650

Military Orders Starter P2900
Crusader Brethren P650 each

We have to wait for the other orders. I myself didn’t get anything in this batch…


Aw, no Joan? A shame. Any idea when we might get the rest?

Infinity Orders Arrival

I don’t know yet but he said this is the first batch. From my prior experience if something you ordered didn’t arrive, it usually arrives in 2-3 weeks. Apparently they all don’t come all at the same time. Also I myself didn’t get anything from this batch.

Infinity Orders Arrival
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