Unidron Batroid

After last night’s engagement with Christian-Muslim force against The AI Overlords ended in a draw, (Checkmate Atheists!). We saw the valiant efforts of the Order Sergeant Link team against the dreaded Unidron Batroid supported by a slave drone to repair it.

Even without engineer support, the combination of V:Dogged and G:Autotool allows it to sustain 2 wounds before being destroyed. The CA player may decide to wait for the second unconscious state before activating Dogged, giving the Batroid alot of staying power. Being immune to Shock and Viral effects greatly increases this line troops durability.

This also makes it a strong ARO unit especially with the FO option. Flash Pulse has become quite an effective ARO weapon at long range making it a good option compared to the REMs abysmal dodge and inability to prone. Coupled with a supporting hacker giving Marksman L2 on the active turn and Assisted Fire(+1B) on AROs, this unit pays for itself especially the Plasma Sniper/Missile Launcher load out.

Being equipped with the plasma carbine allows it to deal terrible, terrible damage during close range firefights but inability to give suppressive fire reduces in options in the reactive turn. This is only fair since the Unidron is already a great unit in ARO.

I for one, can’t wait my SWC box of them to arrive and for the Sectorial rules so I can have them as a link team hopefully with an EI Aspect unit.



Someday that Order sergeant link team will fall…

Dakinis belong in the scrap heap.
ALEPH constructs inferior combat remotes.

To elaborate:

Dakinis have MOV 6-4, Mimetism and +1 WIP = less likely to get hit/ in the open

Unidrons that have +1 ARM and +3 BTS = more likely to survive a hit/ hacking

Aleph has airborne remotes with Mimetism and a Boarding Shotgun for BS 18 funtimes

Combined Army has a swiss army knife selection for Unidrons for almost any situation (except HMG)


I vote -6 Order Sargent as MVP for getting an objective and actually getting hits in on the Unidron

I vote nameless redshirt Ekdromoi for MUP for losing the game by dying, and as a specialist, gave the opposing side 2 points for their public objective

I vote Biker Muslim from Mecca Kum rider as One Order Wonder for moving and promptly dying for crossing a street. At least the Magister Knight got to the other side

Unidron Batroid

Vedic Sectorial along with EI sectorial for Acherons fall? Hopefully we get something like the Garuda but Fraactas are pretty rad as well…

Unidron Batroid
Primum_Mobile Veloranz

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